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Sample Reports

Reports include economic impact generated by the DMO, as well as dollar-for-dollar ROI and the tourism market share captured by the DMO. DMOs can view the share of local economic impact by department, the Model Health report, Dynamic Narratives for key stakeholders, and more. See below for examples.

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Data Requirements

Impactulator functions on a set of required inputs and its results are strengthened by recommended inputs. More assumptions are enacted in the absence of recommended data, and that will result in a lower Model Health.

The Model Health narrative indicates which additional recommended data points should be prioritized if the DMO wants to improve that score.

Required Inputs Include:

  • Overnight Visitation
  • Destination-Wide Tourism Economic Impact
  • Meetings and Sports Sales Actualized Room Nights

Recommended Inputs Include:

  • International Visitor Share
  • Meetings and Spors Sales Total Economic Impact
  • Media-Influenced Overnight Arrivals
  • Media-Influenced Same-Day Arrivals
  • Incremental Media-Influenced Overnight Stays
  • Arrivals per Thousand Media Impressions
  • Arrivals per Thousand Media-Exposed Users

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