Proving your DMO's value shouldn't cost a fortune. Instead, you should get a full suite of features and on-demand service at a fair and reasonable price. Other options are out there, but none of them demonstrates your organization's value while providing an equally great value to you.

┌ Best Value ┐
Custom Study Another Online Solution§ Impactulator™
Provider Many A Leading Economics Firm with Tourism Focus Experience Kissimmee
Approach Varies Econometrics Extrapolation
DMO ROI Yes Yes Yes
Department ROI If Scoped Events and Advertising Marketing & Communications, Meeting Sales, Tourism Sales, Sports Sales
Model Health Unknown Unknown Yes, with Opportunities for Improvement
Stakeholder Narratives If Scoped Unknown Yes, Dynamic Narratives* by Target Audience
Alignment with Destination EI If Scoped Unknown Yes, ROI as a Share of the Destination's Tourism Economy
Time Investment Varies 6-12 Months Minutes
Event Impact Calculator Subscription Unknown Required Recommended
Arrivalist Subscription Unknown Required Recommended
Pricing Model One-off One-off Subscription
PRICE Up to $10,000 or more From $35,000 $5,000
└ Best Value ┘
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See sole source justification.

§Details presented as shared during the 2021 Destinations International Advocacy Summit
*Patent Pending


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